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Balustrades are necessary for two reasons. First and foremost is ensuring the safety of people and they enhance the look and elegance of a place instantly. Balconies or stairs can look great and offers the maximum protection with glass balustrades installed on them. Similarly, your kitchen can look different, elegant and gorgeous with the stylish splashbacks. At Mr. Glass, you can get both these products. We supply and install balustrade and splash back as per your requirements and budget on the Gold Coast and the surrounding locality. We are the top glass repair company in this area with a wide array of services. One of our services is balustrade and splash back installation. We supply a range of different glass for this to our clients according to their budget. Our team of fully qualified and experienced glaziers can manage such installation projects within 3 to 4 business days after getting the final call from the clients.

Glass Balustrade

When it comes to ensuring the security of your loved ones, you cannot take any chances. This is the reason the idea of having glass balustrade is good for any home. Be it your balcony, veranda or the floating stairs – you can have the balustrade for ultimate security. However, you can use them as the barrier in art galleries to ensure that the audiences and the patrons can remain at a certain distance from the artwork. Without restricting the view these balustrades gives style and safety. This is the reason many commercial places also love to have them. We serve both commercial and residential clients with our balustrade installation service.

We use the grade A safety glass for this purpose with minimum 8mm which meets the Australian safety standards. It can either be toughened or laminated.

Splash Back Installations Gold Coast

We are a reliable and affordable supplier of a range of different glass splashback products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fulfil the needs of our clients. We can cut them as per the interior of your kitchen. It can be square, rectangular or circular in shape. You can also get MiraStar glass splashbacks in our collection which are made of a toughened semi-reflective glass specifically designed for hot areas such as above stoves and ovens.